To use WebSIS, schools pay a flat rate pricing annual subscription, for any number of students.


WebSIS is 100% Web Based, works entirely online through a web browser on any PC ● No need for any special hardware or software installation which gives the flexibility for parents, students and school staff to work from school, home or anywhere Internet access is available ● WebSIS allows for an easy, fast, and paperless communication with parents and staff ● Save time and improve your bottom line by posting school news, events, activities, homework sheets and school forms online. The savings you make on paper, toner, photocopying, and printing time will more than offset your annual subscription. You will save quite a few trees too.

WebSIS gives parents and students online access to homework sheets, grades, student performance stats, and teacher comments. All of which contributes to greater parent satisfaction ● WebSIS accounts are protected by a secure login and data gets backed up and archived offsite daily ● Even if your PC fails or is stolen your precious data remains safe ● WebSIS is easy to implement, in as little as one day. You don’t need to buy special servers or install complex software. A web browser and an internet connection is all you need to get started ● We can import your existing student data to get you up and running quickly ● WebSIS comes with free customer support. From the first time you call us, through training, to any issues that arise, we’re here to help you each step of the way with clear, responsive phone and email support.

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